A Quick Post for A Big Change

This week I left Dell|EMC, a company I have collectively worked for over a decade. I couldn’t say enough about Dell as a company. I owe a huge part of my career success to that company as I grew over the years. If you ever have an opportunity to work there, I highly recommend it. I worked for Rod Bina, who in my opinion, is one of the best managers I have ever worked for. His professionalism and empathy are top reasons, but the number one reason is the fact that he never hesitates to get into the grunt work and “lead from the front” work style. If you read this and are interested, I do know at this moment he has open positions. You can go to his linkedin here.

But now it’s time to discuss new adventures. This week I started at VMware as an Azure VMware Solutions Specialist Solutions Architect. A mouthful to say that I cover the AVS solution from an engineering point of view. There were many reasons why I couldn’t turn down this job. Some of them include the excitement to work directly with public cloud services, and working for one of the best companies in the world in VMware. As IT continues to change, people have to change their skills. And one of the best ways to do that is to bring your existing expertise into new frontiers. Everyone has the skills to do this. Hardware and on-prem infrastructure are not going anywhere. On-premise cloud infrastructure spending is still in double-digit growth according to the latest numbers by IDC. But public cloud growth can not be ignored. There are significant technical advantages that these hyperscalers bring. The benefits and conversations vary too widely to discuss here.

Expect a lot more Azure and Azure VMware Solutions-related posts moving forward! I’m excited to hone in these new skills and share what I learn.

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